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First and foremost one thing you will notice is I'm a creepy SNSD fangirl. Amy. 20 (May 19th 1993). Taken by the AMAZING Peter (aka Pudding Pie or Tongara) who as of the 18th of May 2013 is my fiancee <3 . We are also in an open relationship ^^. Birmingham, UK. Pansexual but way more into girls (Peter is my special exception). SNSD IS LOVE . I am an OT9 shipper but I also mainly ship TaeNy. Hyoyeon is my ultimate bias but I don't spam pictures of her all the time. If you don't like gay fangirling then you will HATE my blog. I'm kind of an okay writer if you're into lesbian k-pop smut. K-Pop. J-Pop (Ebichu and Kyary mainly). J-Rock/Visual Kei (Love me some Golden Bomber). Rock. Dubstep. Drum and Bass. Electronica. OldSchool Jungle and more. My blog mainly consists of k-pop (SNSD is most of the k-pop I care about but some others), Japanese fashion, personal rants, pretty things some NSFW stuff and things that make me laugh. Anime/Manga. Hobo. Phone calls and texting. Asian Culture. Fashion. My Fanfics (NC-17)
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4Minute fansign is done&#8230;
The logo was so hard to do &gt;. 4Minute fansign is done…
The logo was so hard to do >.<. if anyone going sees this or my exo sign a double-sided feel free to say hi>
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