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First and foremost one thing you will notice is I'm a creepy SNSD fangirl. Amy. 21 (May 19th 1993).

Taken by the AMAZING Peter (aka Pudding Pie or Tongara) who as of the 18th of May 2013 is my fiancee <3 . We are also in an open relationship ^^ Birmingham, UK. Pansexual but way more into girls (Peter is my special exception). SNSD IS LOVE.

My blog mainly consists of k-pop (SNSD is most of the k-pop I care about but some others), Japanese fashion, personal rants, pretty things some NSFW stuff and things that make me laugh.

Logo Credit: milkychuu

Opening the show were some traditional Korean drummers who were quite funky and they danced and played.

4Minute came on stage next and opened with ‘Volume Up’ and my gosh it was amazing and sexy and just ughhhh. They introduced themselves and smiled and waved at everyone before contiuing with the show. They performed ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘HuH’ and ‘Hot Issue’ and omfg how is it possible to be so amazing and perfect? Also both Jiyoon and Gayoon noticed my fansign, pointed at it and waved at me *creys*.

There was then a traditional fusion type of group who were all really good and I was awestruck. There was also a group of people demonstrating Samulnori and everyone seemed awestruck.

Norazo were then next on stage and I wasn’t too excited but I found myself lauging the entire time. They are absolutely HILARIOUS! I think its safe to say I’m their newest fan :)).

Next was a dance cover group called ‘Dae2Bak’ who performed recent k-pop songs and got the crowd pumped up and we all sang and danced. Then there was a hanbok fashion show and they were all so beautiful. I have always loved the hanbok but these ones made me want to go and buy every hanbok ever. Sohyun, Jihyun and Jiyoon also participated in this fashion show (Hyuna and Gayoon were mc-ing) and my word they looked so beautiful. Every so often they would wave at the crowd.

Next on were EXO-K and I’m pretty sure everyone died. They opened with ‘History’ and then talked in fail English and introduced themselves. They then performed ‘Angel’ and closed with ‘MAMA’.

There was the closing ceremony and everyone who performed in the show came back on stage. At this point both Kai and Chanyeol both saw my fansign, pointed at it then smiled and waved at me.

All in all it was an amazing night and I now have no voice but it was COMPLETELY worth it :’)

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